Microwave Food Steamer with Lid Single Tier Heating Steamer Food Container Bekas Makanan - AXA9920
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Steamer for microwave use


Make your microwave food more healthy and delicious with this useful steamer, by placing the food in this container, the nutrients of food can be retained and your food can be heated or cooked evenly 

⇔ Made using superior grade material, this microwave steamer is odorless, BPA free and very safe to use in microwave

⇔ Ensure healthy microwave steaming by preventing the food from loosing original texture or becoming over-dry

⇔ Designed with a steam release air hole offers good ventilation during steaming process, while the food don't spatter in microwave with the help of a lid, the water plate at the bottom helps your food remained moist and soft

⇔ The line hole design at the base of steamer effectively filters food grease or moisture

⇔ Hard and durable enough for long period usage 

⇔ Good resistance to microwave heat and achieve the microwave heating safety standards

⇔ Can be washed in a dishwasher (dish washing machine), stored in the fridge or used as a dinnerware on the table

⇔ Please be noted that this steamer is not applicable for barbeque or grilling purpose, and cannot be heated directly on the fire

⇔ This steamer is widely compatible with many microwave models, however it is advisable to refer your microwave user manual before putting this steamer into microwave

⇔ Can be used to steam or reheat many food, such as potato, sweet potato, bun, dumpling, meat and many more


Product Specifications

- Material: PP

- Color: White

- Size: 24cm(L)x24cm(W)x11cm(H)

- Temperature range: Around -20°C to 120°C

- Direct heating: No

- Compartment: 1 transparent lid + 1 steamer base + 1 water plate



A) How to use:

1. Pour half cup of water into the water plate.

2. Place the steamer on top of water plate.

3. Cover with the lid and open the air hole, then place the steamer into the microwave and start steaming.

B) Reminder:

1. Not to put the empty steamer into the microwave, and always advisable to pour half cup of water into water plate before steaming.

2. Do not use on direct fire, including gas stove, barbeque or grilling.

3. For greasy or sweet food, it is normal that the color of such food may turn darker after steaming.

4. Do not wash the steamer with sharp or rough tools or wash using corrosive cleaning agents.

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