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Nintendo Switch OLED 2in1 Screen Protector 9H Anti Flaw Tempered Glass Clear Screen NS Switch OLED/Switch/Switch Lite
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9H tempered glass screen protector for Nintendo Switch/Nintendo Switch Lite


9H grade superior quality tempered glass protector for Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite. 


- All-around design that attach to the whole console screen without a seam left, provide maximum screen protection

- Made using Japanese Asahi tempered glass, 9H grade hardness prevents scratching effectively, 5-layer unique design ensures the protector remain in piece even when it is broken, reduce the damage of console screen to the least

- Ultra thin thickness of 0.21mm, not only will not cause the console to stuck in the dock, but such thickness also fosters very sensitive response that wont' hinder your gaming performance

- Precise cutting that perfectly fits the screen of Nintendo Switch/Nintendo Switch Lite

- Hydrophobic & oleophobic coating protect against sweat & reduce fingerprints, unlike the usual screen protector which you'll find it hard in wiping the stains

- Super high transmittance promotes HD viewing experience, maintain a natural and vivid color appearance

- Enhanced version provide even powerful protection than premium version (NIntendo Switch)


Product Specifications

Size: 5.5inch / 6.2inch (Same size as Nintendo Switch/Nintendo Switch Lite screen) 

Thickness: 0.021cm (0.21mm)

Package include: screen protector, wet wipes, optic cleaning wipe, installation guide



1. Nintendo Switch Lite Clear Standard

2. Nintendo Switch Lite Clear Premium

3. Nintendo Switch Clear Standard

4. Nintendo Switch Clear Premium

5. Nintendo Switch Enhanced Standard

6. Nintendo Switch Enhanced Premium

7. Nintendo Switch Oled



How to install the screen protector:

1. Use wet wipe (green pack) to wipe & moisten the screen.

2. Use optic cleaning wipe (white wipe) to wipe the screen until no stains left.

3. Make sure both the tempered glass &console screen are completely clean without any stains or marks, then tear off the protective film on the tempered glass, line up the glass to the outer frame of screen & gently apply the glass (Reminder: Only paste the protector when the screen is completely clean & do not paste the wrong side).

4. If bubbles appear, press the bubbles outward with force by using the cleaning wipe. If the glass is not pasted well many bubbles will appear, once happened please gently remove the protector and re-paste (Reminder: Make sure the glass is well applied as it cannot be re-applied for many times).

5. Wipe the protector back and forth for it to be firmly attached to the screen.

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