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洁厕魔 Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner Magic Bottle 2000 Flushes=40 Pcs Blue Tablet Pembersih Tandas Botol Magic - AJB178
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Magic toilet cleaning bottle 



While toilet cleaning is important, it is troublesome to throw in a new blue tablet every few days, but with this magic toilet flush cleaner, you only have to put into water tank once and it can clean your toilet bowl for at least 2 months during flushing. No need to keep on refill the blue tablet and add additional budget to buy them!

- Reusable for more than 2000 times, one magic cleaning bottle equals to about 40 cleaning tablets, more or less can be uses for 2-3 months

- Super convenient and economic, saves you cost and you don't have to open the water tank to put in new cleaner every few days

- Produced using special technology, this cleaning bottle gives powerful cleaning effect which hard urine stains can be cleared away easily, as if you have brush the toilet bowl manually

- Unlike the blue cleaning tablet that often leaves excess stains on the toilet bowl, this cleaner will not dye your toilet bowl to gross blue color, proven it a great cleansing solution

- Formulated with plant-based ingredient, this toilet cleaner is non-corrosive and non-irritative to skin, and it has no harm to mother and children as well since it is pH neutral

- Produce natural and refreshing smell that get rid of the stinky smell in toilet

- Effectively reduce the growing of fungi and bacteria like Staphylococcus Aureus and Candida Albicans

- The toilet cleaner is gentle to the smooth protective layer or porcelain layer of toilet bowl

- Generally applicable to all types of toilet with a water tank, including squat toilet or toilet bowl

- Suitable to use at multiple places, be it with household, office, hotel, homestay or Airbnb, restaurant, shopping mall, recreational park


Product Specifications

Ingredient: Plant-based

Size: 12cm (H) * 6cm (D)

Color: Blue

Net weight: 0.25kg (250g)



How to use it (Please refer to the image):

1. Cut off the first & second dots on the bottle.

2. Open the cap on top of the bottle.

3. In vertical direction, place the toilet cleaner bottle in the side of water tank. Close the water tank and flush as usual.

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