[Ready Stock] Bioaqua Nourishing Mask Natural Ingredient Essence Deep Moisturizing Facial Mask 泊泉雅水润保湿精华面膜
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Bioaqua natural ingredient moisturizing mask


Bioaqua moisturizing facial mask made formulated with natural ingredients provides gentle care to the skin, giving you a flawless and dewy skin.


♦ Different types:

a) Aloe vera - Contains aloe vera essence, Nicotinamide, Centella Asiatica and Silk Amino Acid, supply moisture to skin, help to achieve oil balance and radiant state of skin

b) Avocado - Contains avocado extract and Bifida Ferment Lysate, replenish the skin moisture to reduce over-dryness, and soothe conditions like UV light damage or skin inflammation 

c) Blueberry - Contains blueberry extract and collagen, rich in antioxidants that help to combat inflammation, acne and other skin problems, create a bouncy and tender skin texture

d) Cucumber - Contains cucumber essence and Centella Asiatica, which has cooling effect on skin, relieve the irritation and redness problem, making the skin more healthy

e) Honey - Contains hydrolyzed honey protein, Fullerene, Verbena, Centella Asiatica, Bifida Ferment Lysate, make the skin stay hydrated and delicate always

f) Pomegranate - Contains pomegranate essence, Oligopeptide-1 and hydrolyzed collagen, improve the water amount within skin while lock the water in skin layer to regain radiant and youthful skin

g) Green tea - Contains green tea essence and hyaluronic acid, repair skin damage and calm the irritative skin condition, as well as maintain the moisture of skin

♦ Improve skin condition by promoting protein formation on skin and increase moisture amount within skin

♦ Brighten skin tone and lighten dull complexion

♦ Non-sticky mask essence, your skin will feel refreshened after application

♦ Easy to be absorbed by the skin

♦ Natural and mild fragrant smell

♦ Does not cause skin irritation or sensitivity, suitable to various skin type


Product Specifications

Brand: Bioaqua

Size: 25g

Mask Type: Sheet mask

Main ingredient: Centella asiatica, hyaluronic acid, Bifida ferment lysate and more

Rinsing: No

Suitable skin type: Generally suitable for all skin type

Packing: 1 pcs in 1 packing



1. Aloe Vera

2. Blueberry

3. Avocado

4. Cucumber

5. Pomegranate

6. Honey

7. Green Tea



A) How to Use:

1. Cleanse your face with cleanser.

2. Apply the mask and adjust for the mask to fit the face.  

3. Leave for 10-20 minutes and remove the mask.

4. Gently pat for the essence to be absorbed.

B) Reminder:

1. Store in a cool dry place and avoid direct sunlight.

2. Advisable to test the product before use.

3. If skin discomfort occurs, stop using the product and consult a doctor.

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1 pcs in 1 packing