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AMZ Shiplap MDF Board Feature Wall Batten Wall Accent Wall 6MMX40MM Width 2 Feet/4 Feet Length Own Factory Supply - SL640MM
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MDF board shiplap piece with 6MM thickness, 40MM width, 2 Feet / 4 Feet length for selection


AMZ proudly present this super quality MDF material! It enables you to cut, paint and paste to design your own distinctive feature wall, slat wall, batten wall, shiplap, fluted wall or accent wall. It is so easy to DIY and saves you labor cost!


⇒ Due to courier limitation on weight, 2 FEET shiplap MAXIMUM PURCHASE 60 PCS PER ORDER only, and 4 FEET shiplap MAXIMUM PURCHASE 30 PCS PER ORDER only, more than this quantity please make in a new order, thank you for your understanding

⇒ Made using high quality MDF board, the shiplap strip is less likely to have chipping or bending edge problem 

⇒ Smooth and fine board texture which is painting friendly, you can apply white undercoat first then apply the paint color you like to achieve the best painting effect, you can also use spray paint to color the material as well

⇒ Light in weight with no funny or strong smell

⇒ Easy to trim using standard saw, handsaw or chain saw

⇒ Convenient to DIY as no nail required, just paste using construction adhesive glue will do, not necessary to install using nail

⇒ Available 6mm (0.6cm) thickness and 40mm width, comes in different sizes to suit different purposes

⇒ Though MDF material is not as strong as wood material, but it definitely harder and more durable than cork material or paperboard material, making it the main material of many storage shelves 

⇒ A budget friendly DIY material with wide usage, especially good for seasonal decoration

⇒ Suitable to use in house, office, nursery, kindergarten, shop, cafe, restaurant and etc., as a decorative material for shiplap wall, accent wall, instagenic wall, feature wall, partition wall, batten wall and many more

⇒ REMINDER: MDF board is not waterproof and not water resistant, so it is not recommended to use at bathroom and humid/wet places

⇒ Selling MDF board only, if you want to buy X'Bond sealant please refer to this link: https://shopee.com.my/X'traseal-X'Bond-Construction-Sealant-300ML-DIY-Adhesive-Heavy-Duty-Glue-Shiplap-Accent-Wall-Wainscoting-Caulking-Awning-i.89888366.10964707041 


Product Specifications

Material: Medium density fiberboard (MDF board)

Thickness: 6MM (0.6cm)

Width: 40MM (4cm)

Length selection: 2 feet (around 609.6mm) or 4 feet (around 1219.2mm)

Usage: As a decoration or enhancement for wall, turn the plain wall into shiplap wall/accent wall/feature wall

Tool assistance: Construction adhesive sealant (X'Bond & etc.), hand saw/chainsaw, nail (optional), hammer (optional)

Water resistance and waterproof: No



1) 2 Feet

2) 4 Feet



1. This product is selling BY PIECE.

2. Please based on below formula to do calculation for STANDARD WALL STYLE (VERTICAL PASTING):

a) Total required piece ~

- 2 Feet board = Wall Height (in Feet) x Wall Width (in Feet) ÷ 0.26 Feet (40mm convert to feet x 2)

- 4 Feet board = Wall Height (in Feet) x Wall Width (in Feet) ÷ 0.52 Feet (40mm convert to feet x 4)

b) Example 1.: If your wall is 4 Feet long and 4 Feet tall and you purchase 2 Feet shiplap board, the calculation should be 4 feet x 4 feet ÷ 0.26 = 62pcs

c) Example 2.: If your wall is 6 Feet long and 4 Feet tall and you purchase 4 Feet shiplap board, the calculation should be 6 feet x 4 feet ÷ 0.52 = 46pcs

3. Recommended to buy extra pieces for wastage or additional pasting.

4. Welcome to pm our customer support for quantity calculation.

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