Flower Floral Decor Artificial Flower - ARTIFICIAL
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Artificial flower bouquet


【Bring Warmth and Beauty】

Create romantic beauty that enables you to enjoy poetic home life. Decor your room the way you intend it to feel.

【Stay Fresh All Year Round】

Artificial stems retain spring all year round, look fresh year after year, perfect for any landscaping project or decor style.

【Wide Application】

Ideal for home, garden, hotel, terrace, office, veranda, guesthouse, wedding, DIY projects and other indoor outside decoration.

【Not Affected By Weather】

Plastic flowers are uv resistant and vivid realistic, can be put anywhere the hot/cold weather kills much fresh flowers and always vibrant and alive with you.


Product Specifications

Material: Silk

(a) 422(white)
(b) 1200 Green
(c) 0400 Yellow,White,Red,Purple
(d) 070177 Blue,Pink,Green
(e) 0400 Orange,Pink
(f) 0450 Purple, (white)



  1. A: Blue (422A)
  2. A: Green (422A)
  3. A: Orange (422A)
  4. A: Pink (422A)
  5. A: Purple (422A)
  6. A: Red (422A)
  7. A: White (422A)
  8. B: Blue (SDG1200)
  9. B: Green (SDG1200)
  10. B: Orange (SDG1200)
  11. B: Pink (SDG1200)
  12. B: Purple (SDG1200)
  13. B: Red (SDG1200)
  14. B: White (SDG1200)
  15. B: Yellow (SDG1200)
  16. C: Blue (DDOC0400)
  17. C: Green (DDOC0400)
  18. C: Orange (DDOC0400)
  19. C: Pink (DDOC0400)
  20. C: Purple (DDOC0400)
  21. C: Red (DDOC0400)
  22. C: White (DDOC0400)
  23. C: Yellow (DDOC0400)
  24. D: Blue (070177)
  25. D: Green (070177)
  26. D: Orange (070177)
  27. D: Pink (070177)
  28. D: Purple (070177)
  29. D: Red (070177)
  30. D: White (070177)
  31. D: Yellow (070177)
  32. E: Blue (MS0400)
  33. E: Green (MS0400)
  34. E: Orange (MS0400)
  35. E: Pink (MS0400)
  36. E: Purple (MS0400)
  37. E: Red (MS0400)
  38. E: White (MS0400)
  39. E: Yellow (MS0400)
  40. F: Blue (R0450)
  41. F: Green (R0450)
  42. F: Orange (R0450)
  43. F: Pink (R0450)
  44. F: Purple (R0450)
  45. F: Red (R0450)
  46. F: White (R0450)
  47. F: Yellow (R0450)



Artificial flowers may be squeezed and deformed in transit, but it will be recover with slight adjustment after displaying it. You can also use boiled water to smoke deformed flowers, use the hair dryer with cold wind to dry it.

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